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Saturday, October 21, 2017

October 21, 2017 2017-10-28T07:06:10Z

TN Govt 7th Pay Commission Other Allowances 2017 - Government Order G.O. No.306

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Tamil Nadu Government - 7th Pay Commission - Official Committee 2017 - Other Allowances

OFFICIAL COMMITTEE, 2017 - Recommendations of the Official Committee, 2017 on revision of pay, allowances, pension and related benefits – Revision of Rates of Allowances - Government Order (G.O.Ms. No.306 dated 13.10.2017) Finance Pay Cell Department

List of Allowances
Medical Allowance (MA)
Medical Reimbursement Scheme
Uniform Allowance
Overcoat Allowance
Stitching Allowance
Washing Allowance
Kit Maintenance Allowance
Robe Allowance and Robe Maintenance Allowance
Non Practice Allowance (NPA)
Compensatory Allowance (Restricted Private Practice)
Primary Health Centre Allowance (Rural Allowance)
Post-Mortem Allowance
Leprosy Allowance, Special Leprosy Allowance
Clerical Allowance
Nursing Allowance
Ration (messing) Allowance
Hill Area Allowance
Winter Allowance
Cash Allowance
Special Allowance
Special Compensatory Allowance
Risk Allowance
Feeding Charges
Supervisory Allowance
Equipment Allowance
Farm Allowance
Project Allowance / Investigation Allowance
Provision Allowance
Cooking Allowance
Training Allowance
Security Compensatory Allowance
Office Accommodation Allowance
Driving Allowance

updated October 2017

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